Space Gals X Engineering Gals Live YouTube Seminar, May 2020

I never stopped talking about my dream of one day working for NASA, no matter how many people told me it would never happen. Sally Ride showed me that my dream was not out of reach and kept the flame of desire to accomplish that dream shining brightly within me.

Kate Gunderson, NASA “Celebrating Women’s History Month”, March 2020
Photo Credit: Kyle Sudu

It’s how you dust yourself off and move forward from adversity that is a true testament to your ability to succeed. You know yourself and what you’re capable better than anyone else.

Kate Gunderson, VoyageHouston “Meet Kate Gunderson”, July 2019

This is just one example of the many exciting career paths available to engineers today.

Kate Gunderson, SkyFeed Blog “A Day in the Life of a Rocket Scientist”, June 2019

“Being smart and working hard are the same thing.” Since then I’ve never felt ashamed of the amount of effort I’ve had to put in to succeed. Work hard and no dream will ever be out of reach.

Kate Gunderson, VoyageHouston “What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?”, May 2019