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Keep Dreaming. Keep Believing.

Have you ever given up on a dream because it’s felt too far away, too outlandish, or too difficult to achieve?

When I was in the second grade, I stood in the driveway with my Dad looking up at the dark night sky in the small town of North Dakota that I had always called home. It was on this evening I’ll never forget, when that thing that makes us all human-the curiosity and urge to explore the questions we don’t know the answers to-took hold of me. That was the first time I remember knowing I wanted to be an astronaut one day.

If you could speak a dream into existence, I would have. I talked about it endlessly, from elementary school onwards. And I was met with a lot of very vocal skepticism from my peers and in college, some professors too. From, “NASA is shut down, you’ll never work there.” to “You should change your major, something’s not clicking.” But all the while something inside of me said, ‘Keep dreaming. Keep believing.’

And while I’m not an astronaut (not yet at least!! 😜), that dream I’ve had since I stood in the driveway with my Dad still burns bright, lighting the path of my internal compass. 

That’s the thing about dreams. You don’t have to achieve them overnight and for the big ones, you seldom will. And maybe others never do come to fruition, but if you follow your internal compass you will always, always be on the right path. ❤️

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