Health & Fitness

You are Free to Take Up All the Space You Need

Like way too many young girls, I used to waste a lot of emotional energy desperately praying to be only one thing: skinny. All too often, the world we live in seems to perpetuate the belief that our worth is somehow measured by how much (little) space we take up above all other metrics.

My first experiences with running revolved around vanity. I thought running would help me take up less space. What happened instead changed my life.

Running helped me believe in the beauty and strength that comes from dreaming big and believing in yourself. From honoring commitments you make even (especially) when things are hard. Running challenged me to set audacious goals and crush them.

Whether it’s running or something else, I challenge you to spend 10 minutes this International Women’s Day thinking deeply about something you can make a commitment to doing each week for you, and only you.

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